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This website is primarily aimed at providing my pupils with a downloadable copy of the whole concept of my method as a manual so that we can concentrate on the practical applications during lessons. There is no faster way to achieving something than to understand it first and hopefully, the manual provides a clear enough picture of the goal and how to reach it.

However, by being exposed worldwide on the Internet, my method becomes public domain almost. It is possible you might be somewhere half way round the world from me but you are able to pick up what I am aiming to convey immediately and to put it into practice without further input from me. This would be very good.

June 2008: I am pleased to add that feedback received so far suggests that I need to charge for my book. But pirating then instantly becomes a possibility in cyberspace and I would not like to charge for something that was of no value to the recipient anyway. So the solution is the paypal facility and then anyone willing to do so can give me back what they feel the book is worth to them. I thank you in advance.



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